MinuitCode is a design brand established in 2012 by independent fashion designer Ziye Wang. Our brand philosophy is to constantly focus on creativity and originality, and to explore the combination of aesthetics appeal and the idea of environment conservation in fashion industry. We are committed to offer unique aesthetic sensibility, comfortable experience and craftsmanship out of our products.

MinuitCode refuses to follow fashion trend blindly but constantly strives for perfection in a time when inferior quality, fast consumption and overproduction are prevalent, and for making very single piece of our products unique. We refuse expression of design ideas in a rigid, vulgar, flamboyant or complicated way, but we make every piece of clothes to perfectly suit the person who wears it through simple, elegant, and detail-focused design which combines aesthetic appeal as well as functionality. We believe that attire with craftsmanship bring people comfort and pleasure and make them beautiful and charming inside and out.