夹生设计师团队毕业于北京服装学院及丹麦SAGA FURS设计中心。曾荣获中国国际时装周国际青年设计师金奖;台湾TFDA优秀设计师奖等奖项。作品多次刊登国内外媒体杂志,在日本东京和中国台湾等地展出。

JIASHENG:  takes the concept of "continuity and life" as its brand philosophy, and works for women who are wise, creative and stubborn in life. Jiasheng always takes solving problems as the original intention of design and devotes all the enthusiasm to design and life.

Jiasheng Designer Team graduated from Beijing Fashion College and SAGA FURS Design Center in Denmark. He was awarded the Gold Award for International Young Designers of China Fashion Week and the TFDA Excellent Designers Award of Taiwan. The works have been published in many domestic and foreign media magazines and exhibited in Tokyo, Japan and Taiwan, China.