SUNDAY LIFE于2015年创立于巴黎。品牌名来自设计师喜欢的慢节奏生活方式,并希望通过这种自在生活的理念,有细节的设计带给穿着者有灵感的生活。

品牌创始⼈Pei CHEN-HEBERT毕业于巴黎高级时装工会学校,先后在高级时装品牌Emmanuel Ungaro、高级成衣品牌Ted Lapidus实习工作,之后担任法国某内衣品牌设计总监十年。这些工作经历及十几年巴黎生活的耳濡目染自然的融进SUNDAY LIFE的设计理念 : 以高级时装的匠心和工艺研究,用中性的线条,柔和的轮廓体现女性的优雅和自信。感同巴黎的时尚精神,SUNDAY LIFE的设计同样追求体现包容与现代生活自由的风格,不追求刻意用力但是细节的设计和品质自显品位。

SUNDAY LIFE的设计灵感多源于生活细节,与人和自然的沟通。每季面料取材于欧洲,亚洲等国家,多用天然素材如丝绸,羊毛及绣花,重视每刻皆舒适的体验,传达高品质自在生活的态度。


SUNDAY LIFE was founded in 2015 in Paris. Its name was inspired by the designer’s affinity for a relaxed and leisurely lifestyle. The details of the designs inspire a carefree way of living and thinking. 


SUNDAY LIFE’s designs are inspired by intricate details of everyday life and the connection between people and Mother Nature. Combining Paris’ fashion and the style of modern living, works in a spirit “Couture” to design the neutral lines reflect a woman’s elegance, class, taste, and ensure a free and comfortable wearing experience. Among other countries, the fabrics are sourced from France, Italy, Japan and China. Natural materials such as silk, wool, and the embroideries further promote an attitude for a high-quality and carefree lifestyle