Ocean Flame

设计师品牌 Ocean Flame以“混搭”为产品基调,满足客户多样化场合着装需求,Ocean Flame 以“现代宫廷、都市游牧、摩登轻奢”为品牌风格,灵活运用对立美学的概念,为都市独立女性打造不羁与优雅, 反叛与浪漫的摩登形象。


The designer brand Ocean Flame is based on “mix and match”which meets the needs of customers for many occasions. Ocean Flame uses the concept of “modern court, urban nomadism, modern luxury” as the brand style, and flexibly uses the concept of opposite aesthetics. Creates a modern image which consist of uninhibited and elegant, rebellious and romantic for urban independent women.