创立于2017年,结合街头文化,脱离机器捆绑时代。MEGAJOULE 代表兆焦,高热值单位,指代熔化固有规则,打破界限。强调服饰除了能够带给人体温暖,更能传递当下年轻人切实的温度。倡导对生活的持续热度,打造个体独有的生活方式及穿戴体验。


Founded in 2017,it combines street fashion,breaks away from the era of machine binding,and emphasizes that clothes can not only bring warmth to human body,but also convey the real temperature of young people at present. “MEGAJOULE stands for MEGAJOULE,high calorific value unit, referring to inherent rules of melting and breaking boundaries.Advocate the continuous heat of life and create individual unique lifestyle and wear experience.