marie claire

marie claire于1937年在法国创刊,一直持续向世界展现其独一无二的魅力和风采。marie claire denim 专注于女性丹宁美学,自创立以来一直秉承简约、浪漫、精致的时尚理念,从多方面去考虑女性对丹宁的需求,力求通过亲肤的面料和时尚的设计给予女性美和舒适的体验。

“Comfortable, Confident, Charming”(舒适、自信、迷人)是marie claire denim产品坚持的核心理念,同时也是对marie claire近百年品牌精髓的延续和传承。将蕾丝、钻、荷叶边等女性化的时尚元素与丹宁结合,不断突破丹宁的传统设计,寻求创新。面向追求生活品质和时尚品味的22-35岁人群开发了Classic, Design, Haute(经典、设计、高级)三个系列,为女性提供多元化的丹宁服饰以应对不同生活场景需求。

Marie Claire was founded in France in 1937, it has been showing its unique charm and elegance to the world since that time. Marie Claire Denim focuses on female denim aesthetics. Since its establishment, Marie Claire Denim has been holding the fashion concept of simplicity, romance and refinement, considering women's demand for denim from various aspects, and striving to give women beautiful and comfortable wearing experience through skin-friendly fabric and fashionable design.

"Comfortable, Confident, Charming" is the core concept of Marie Claire Denim’s products, and it is also the continuation and inheritance of the essence of brand over the past hundred years. Lace, crystal, flounce and other feminine fashion elements are combined with denim to break through the traditional design of denim and seek for innovation. Classic, Design and Haute series are developed for 22-35 years old females who have the pursuit for life quality and fashion taste, providing them with diversified denim clothes to meet the needs of different life occasions.