CINDY C.ERIC来自摩登先锋势力阵地——伦敦。塑造骄傲独立的时尚生活态度鞋履品牌,探索所有洋溢着新生力量的气息,从创意灵感到设计细节、再到时尚态度, 都反应我们正身处于不断转型和蜕变的时代,CINDY C.ERIC引领出其独特的多元化新都市主义,简约而张扬,运动而华丽,复古而新潮,风格的多变与混搭,成为今天最为年轻人所推崇的“New City 新都市” 风格。品牌以“多生活场景”的设计系列,打造“1=N” 模式的多选择鞋履品牌,即1个品牌,N种风格,与此同时,CINDY C.ERIC鞋品均采用高级的真皮材质以及精湛的制鞋工艺,再加上20年行业优质供应链工厂资源,是品牌对于鞋履品质高级感的坚持和追求。


CINDY C.ERIC originates from the vanguard forefront of modern fashion – London. Standing for a proud, independent and fashionable lifestyle, the footwear brand represents everything that gives rise to the abundance of youthful strength in the new generation. From its creative inspirations to details of design to its stance towards fashion, CINDY C.ERIC mirrors the constantly restructuring and transformational era that we are in. CINDY C.ERIC is a leader in advocating a unique, diversified neo-urbanism that emphasizes simplicity and flamboyance, dynamicity and gorgeousness, vintage and trendiness. Thanks to its highly variable styles and great mixability, the brand has become a representative of the “new city” style cherished by today’s young consumers. Designed based on “multiple real-life settings”, CINDY C.ERIC is a brand of diverse options by offering consumers a “1=N” mode, that is, one brand for N styles. In the meantime, all offerings of the brand are made from high-grade authentic textiles, with first-class footwear-making techniques. The brand persistently pursue the first-class grade of its footwear offerings by leveraging high-quality resources from an industrial supply chain built over the past 2 decades.