25,一个从青涩走向清熟的分界点,代表了每个人的成长过程。尽管时而困惑,但从未停止对未知世界的探索;也 许有时迷惘,却也从未被任何事物束缚。oz(ounce,盎司) 是容量和重量的测量单位。它既可以像液体一样细腻地随意 流动,又可以像金属一般厚重坚硬。两者结合,共同缔造出 25oz自由但沉、内敛却张扬的独特个性。

25oz的首饰都是纯手工制成,所以每款都有细微的不 同。这些细小的差别不会影响美观,反而让每一款都显 得独一无二。我们采用925银,外加多层k金、铂金电 镀手工制成,同时选用最好的施华洛石、9A锆石、SO- NA钻石、天然钻石。少数采用k金、铂金本体。我们相 信优异的品质才是呈现25oz品牌文化最好的方式。


25oz is a contemporary jewelry and accessories brand established in NYC in 2018.

The number 25 contains a deep meaning to the younger generation as the age 25 serves as a maturity boundary for both men and women. It marks an unofficial transition from the directionless naivety of the early 20s to the focused and more responsible mindsets of the late 20s. It captures the sense of adventure, spirituality, and youth in a beautiful manner. The unit “oz” is used both for liquids and solids, volume and weight. Its duality signifies a fluidity and sturdiness that is evident in our creations. Each piece is an artful mixture of both soft and hard elements.

Our creations are handcrafted by talented artisans, which have inherent minor variations in their shapes and sizes. These variation also serve to give both our pieces and their wearers a uniqueness and inimitability. All of the materials we use are 925 sterling silver, refined platinum, or 14k gold. We use only Swarovski crystals, 9A zircons, SONA diamonds and diamonds, chosen for their quality. We believe that using such high quality materials is the best way to represent 25oz.