SUNDAY LIFE was founded in 2015 in Paris. Its name was inspired by the designer’s affinity for a relaxed and leisurely lifestyle. The details of the designs inspire a carefree way of living and thinking.

SUNDAY LIFE’s designs are inspired by intricate details of everyday life and the connection between people and Mother Nature. Combining Paris’ fashion and the style of modern living, works in a spirit “Couture” to design the neutral lines reflect a woman’s elegance, class, taste, and ensure a free and comfortable wearing experience. Among other countries, the fabrics are sourced from France, Italy, Japan and China. Natural materials such as silk, wool, and the embroideries further promote an attitude for a high-quality and carefree lifestyle.


SUNDAY LIFE2015年在巴黎成立。 它的名字灵感来自于设计师对轻松悠闲生活方式的青睐 设计细节激发了无忧无虑的生活和思考方式。

SUNDAY LIFE的设计灵感来自日常生活各种细节以及人与大自然之间的联系。 将巴黎的时尚与现代生活风格相结合,以“定制”的精神来设计中性线条,体现女性的优雅、经典、品味,从而确保自由舒适的穿着体验。面料来自法国,意大利,日本和中国。以丝绸,羊毛等天然材料为主,辅以精巧的刺绣工艺,更进一步宣扬了对高品质和无忧无虑生活方式的追求态度。