First introduced in Savoy, Maison Courch is an experimental fashion brand designed to fight the worst weather conditions.

Now located in Paris, our performance and functional clothes combine the finest fabrics with Heat Control™ Technology. Maison Courch always strives for innovation as we keep on partnering with the best fashion & apparel engineers in town !

Heat Control™ engineers have been working on the technology behind heated car seats for more than 20 years, making sure passengers would always feel safe and at ease.

Now they bring their savoir-faire to the fashion industry ! After months of research & development, the first collaboration between Maison Courch and Heat Control™ will be released this Winter 19.


起源于法国东南部Savoy地区的法国时尚品牌Maison Courch,专业设计研发适合于恶劣天气条件下穿着的服饰。

如今,Maison Courch 总部迁至巴黎。我们的高效功能性服装结合了最优质的面料和Heat Control™专利技术。 Maison Courch始终致力于革新,就像我们始终与最棒的时尚和服饰工程师合作。

Heat Control™这项技术的工程师们拥有20余年在汽车座椅加热领域技术研发的经验,从而保证每位驾乘者拥有安全舒适的驾乘环境。

现在,他们将自己的专业知识带入时尚界! 经过数月的研究和开发,Maison CourchHeat Control™专利技术之间的首次合作将于2019年秋冬系列发布。