【Namooo娜茉】设计师首饰品牌于2013年在深圳创立,打破了传统首饰的价值判断体系, 除了对贵金属和宝石的创新运用外,持续探索新材料与新工艺,通过设计的巧思和独创性,强调与服装的穿搭,实现艺术性和实用性的完美平衡。


The designer jewelry brand,Namooo娜茉,was founded in Shenzhen at 2013,breaking the value judgment system of traditional jewellery. In addition to the innovative use of precious metals and precious stones, it continues to explore new materials and new techniques,emphasizing the match with clothing and keeping good balance between artistry and practicality.

From the original style of the original Crystal Energy series, it has been loved by many stars and fashionistas, and has also been reported by many mainstream fashion media.