秉承着 “独立、艺术、浪漫、自由”的精神。由内而外打造精致女生,她们注重生活质感,她们柔而不娇、坚而不厉的品性气质,她们积极乐观、从容淡定的生活态度。S A N T传达了现代女性对待未来的选择和一种对生活温度的品质感。

SINCE AUTUMN/WINTER 2018,Adhering to the spirit of "independence, art, romance, freedom". Creating exquisite girls from the inside out, SANT is for girls who pay attention to the quality of life, who are soft but not delicate, firm but not temperament, who are positive and optimistic, calm and cheerful. SANT conveys the modern woman's choice of the future and a sense of quality for a delicate life.