RAINKA WANG 由设计师王宇晨,王敏于2016年在上海创立,品牌目前主要涉及轻珠宝配饰。两位设计师希望一切的设计努力都落在对视觉美的探索,在设计上没有明显的边界设定,保持探索性和好奇心,设计风格融入了奇幻,复古,黑暗,抽象等不同特质,作品表现出了鲜明的叙事性和个人趣味。

RAINKA WANG was founded by designer Yuchen Wang and Min Wang in Shanghai in 2016. The brand  mainly involves light jewelry accessories. The two designers hope that all the design efforts will be focused on the exploration of visual beauty. There is no obvious boundary setting in the design, and they remains exploratory and curious. The design style integrates fantasy, retro, dark, abstract and other characteristics, and the work shows distinct narrative and personal interest