不断追求革新与卓越,以独有的现代视野重新演绎与影响派克大衣演进。Pi Parka「兀派」在设计师全新视角的引领下,重新阐述21世纪派克大衣,巩固了每一件产品都具有顶级精品的地位。Pi Parka「兀派」创作同时代表了中国极致手工艺对细节,品质的重视,呈现出天生有派与令人激动的美学理念。

Constantly pursuing innovation and excellence, we are aimed at re-interpreting and influencing the evolution of Parka coat with a unique modern vision. Pi Parka has been led by the brand new perspective of designers to re-interpret Parka coats in the 21st century, and consolidated the premium status of each of its products. The creation of Pi Parka also represents the emphasis of the extreme Chinese handicrafts on the details and quality, and manifests the esthetic philosophy of “born to impress” and “excitement stirring.”