---------------  幸福就是,爱我所做,做我所爱。

N: Nordic,   Nude,  Natural,  Ning

MORE: 更多的……


N·MORE    强调款式的个性趣味、与产品的实用价值。实现一切以实穿为前提又充满趣味性的“一衣多穿”。

N·MORE     拒绝“同质化”。新时代独立女性太需要一个专属于他们自己的品牌来“张扬我个性“。你是独一的你,你只需表达你自己。

 N·MORE    精选不污染环境、对健康有益的各国工艺优势原材料,比如:意大利的羊毛、日本的三醋酸和棉、中国的真丝等。拒绝浪费,想想它是不是你真正想要的,有幸福度的“物”。

 N·MORE    不刻意追求流行趋势的转瞬即弃。让经典与流行之间巧妙平衡;新旧款自由搭配,从而“旧” 也成为另一 种“新”的时髦品。


N·MORE’ means Nordic,Nude,Natural,Ning and more.N·MORE advocating nordic spirit:love the things you’re working on,and do the things you love.

N·MORE designs for women who believe in comfort and versatility yet with ultimate sophistication to reinterpret the art of repeating outfits.Ning always design superior clothes with pleasure and attitude.

Best known for nordic lifestyle,N·MORE Selects shell fabrics of high quality:Wools from italy,triacetic acid fabric and cotton from japan,silk from china etc.we are mean to provide the enviroment and refuse to waste.Over processing will never be welcome here.

We believe that women need a brand to express themselves but without caring about whether an impression is made.N·MORE makes a delicate balance between classics and fashion instead of chasing after trend.With the intention of freeing women from boundaries,N·MORE reinterprets individual with a powerful understatement of balance and proportion:Cloth will not hedge our bodies,it’s expression of ‘who i am’.