创立于1833的法国帽饰品牌Mossant,最初由创始人Mr. Casimir Mossant的名字命名。它是法国最古老的家族品牌之一,与Louis Vuitton同时期诞生。  

前英国首相丘吉尔就很喜欢Mossant品牌的礼帽,一直佩戴和收藏。他曾笑称戴帽子的自己是个“Crazy Gentleman”——“疯狂的绅士”,这个称号曾一度成为英国青年追随Mossant的精神符号。



Mossant named after its founder Mr. Casimir Mossant. It is one of the oldest brand in France, and born at the same time as Louis Vuitton. In that era, as a luxury brand could be equivalent to Louis Vuitton, Mossant focuses on its quality starts from creating its brand.

The British Prime Minister Churchill was fascinated by the Mossant hats, he always worn and collected it. Once, he jokingly said he is a Crazy Gentleman, which became a spirit sign for British youngsters followed. 

As an almost bicentennial brand, Mossant insists on hand craft with a modest attitude, and deeply integrates the creative with handcraft. It is popular in many fashion centers like America, Germany, Japan and so on. 

Mossant, Le chapeau haut de gamme.