Jean Paul Knott

Jean Paul Knott由Jean-Paul Knott创立于2000年,该品牌受众是对品质、原创性及专属性十分敏感的女性与男性。融合了阳刚与柔美,成衣与高定的风格,深度探索线条之美,展现轻盈优雅的冷淡风。以艺术与设计为品牌调性,建立服装与建筑、摄影、电影、舞蹈等元素的深刻联系。

Jean Paul Knott is a label for women and men sensitive to quality, originality and exclusivity. A modern, functional and considered approach is our design philosophy. We choose longevity over passing trends. Our atelier values craftsmanship, putting this first and foremost. Every piece we create is timeless and made to last. From the mood behind a collection to the subtle construction of a cuff, these creative details are part of what gives our understated garments integrity. Style comes with substance, form follows function.