ITO 2007年成立于上海 ,旅行方式独立设计品牌。以旅行箱为核心产品,扩展至旅行生活方式设计。现代旅行生活方式包含了旅途中的方方面面,在探索美好世界的同时,人们也希望收获美好的自我。ITO就以设计回应了这类需求,我们的旅行产品跳脱了传统工具属性,在好用、耐用的同时,也能成为简约、鲜明、充分表达个人风格的配饰。

Founded in Shanghai in 2007, as a travel aesthetic design brand. Suitcase is the core product, expanded to travel lifestyle design. The modern travel lifestyle includes every aspect of the journey. While exploring the beautiful world, people also want to have a fine self.

ITO responded these kinds of requirements with design. Our travel products are not only a traditional tool but also an accessory which are handy, durable, simply, bright, to fully express personal style.