IONISM 於2010年,由二位旅居紐約的設計師Sean&Rhys所創立之Indie Fashion Brand.名稱的概念是來自於生活在紐約此等巨型都會的體驗:生活在這樣的城市中,個人就如同離子一樣,微小但卻又是構築成城市性格不可或缺的成份,一一有著獨特的個性並互相影響,遊離的生活在都會中。以簡約、現代的風格並融合都會及時尚元素,在設計中注入創新的想法和趣味,襯托出服飾與人融合後的化學作用,創造出都會感的獨特風情。對於剪裁的用心,布料的選擇,以至於細節的重視都是這個品牌所秉持的信念之一。我們沒有華麗的裝飾,或令人目炫神迷的設計 ,但卻有一份對服飾特殊的熱誠和固執,用心的看待每一個設計和產品;以簡約內斂的設計加上別出心裁的創意,並盡可能的琢磨每一個細節,創造出IONISM對設計的獨有堅持和生活態度。

Ions - though miniscule in size and invisible to the eye - are an essential part of world. Ionism is a embodiment of that character: taking those small, yet essential qualities and projecting them through thoughtful, polished designs. The spirit of the company is to return design to its essence – to allow for the modern man in the constant occupation of working, playing, and living to refocus on details which are often easily overlooked. Ionism’s designing style is simple, reserved, yet infused with passionate elements of fashion. In each look, the designer imparts a sense of innovation, thoughtfulness, and interest – accentuating the chemistry between the clothing and the wearer. The result is a simple, modern individuality rarely found elsewhere on the market. Insistence on the quality of cut, the choice of fabric and attention to details are the core values of the company. Ionism has neither the embellished clothing, nor the bewildering designs – but a certain passion and particularity about making clothes. Thoroughly investing in each and every single look, contrasting the tradition with innovative twists, and polishing products down to the details creates the result –the result of Ionism, a refreshing return to the basics of living, breathing design.