GyWj expresses the sensitivity of self-dressing in a relaxed and modern style, while the brand conveys a sense of youth and ease of wear that is retained by women of different ages and degrees.

G stands for GLOWING: looking for identity of self-identity, neutral character and modern attitude. Create a state of ambiguity and detail, softness and toughness. Consistent with the hobbies of women who have established their own roles in the city: the combination of aesthetics and classics.

Y stands for YOURSELF: Deconstructing the relationship between the world and itself without being constrained by convention. The conventional profile and the flat frame are drawn away from the contemporary culture.

W stands for WOOL: the most basic attribute of the return material is warm, and all the physical, layered, tactile and interesting media will be restored to the warmth itself, and the "first skin" will be taken seriously.

J stands for JUICE: an instant state on the scene, the observation of contemporary youth culture and women's aesthetic consciousness, to explore all things that are of interest.