Olivia & Monica,是一对加拿大籍华裔姐妹,两人都毕业于法国高级时装艺术学院

(ESMOD), 具备了深厚扎实的学院功底,更加之自身天赋和敏锐的时尚洞察力,两姐妹决定

做一个高性价比的 中国人自己的时尚潮牌。 虽然生活在都市,两位华裔姐妹设计师骨子

里最崇尚的却是“随性、自由”,如何在时髦中体现自由, 便是CHICHY建立的初心。

Olivia & Monica, Canadian -Chinese sisters, both graduated from the French Institute of Advanced Fashion Arts (ESMOD). Although they live in the modern city, but what they are insisting is "casual and free“ they always say "you are what you wear". They do not think they really need as much as they expected. They have impulsively purchased a lot of useless products that they haven't worn; they often go on business and worry about how to make their baggage lighter and make their clothes wrinkle-resistant and easier to handle; at the same time, as mothers and professional women, they always want to take fewer clothes to meet more occasional needs. Therefore, how to embody the lightness and freedom in fashion is the initial intention of CHICHY.