对于今天的许多女性来说,时尚不仅仅是一种选择,更只是一种生活方式。 时尚的女士希望能够透过时装来表现自我风格,而CAR | 2IE亦相信这信念,并认为有些缺陷才是完美。 透过把中间字母”R”拆开,展示出特别的缺陷美。CAR | 2IE重视衣服的结构性,同时保持线条美,凸显女性气质,特别强调衣服与人体的比例。 将男士定制服的剪裁和元素与女性化的细节结合。 并用高质素的布料配合创意剪裁,日常穿上CAR | 2IE的设计,就能反映出个人品味和风格。

For many women today, fashion is not just an option but a way of life. A woman wants to be able to reflect her own sense of self and style, and CAR|2IE thrives on that belief; where imperfection equals perfection. CAR|2IE is about expressing designs that have a structural form, yet maintaining their femininity and emphasizing proportion. Our new range focuses on creating a strong silhouette with fine quality creative details, providing you with a wide variety of styling choices. We match components of masculine tailoring to feminine chic elements that provide a refined, striking look. Luxurious and daring, CAR|2IE garments are perfect for creating an inspired style suited to everyday wear that can reflect one’s mood and lifestyle.