代表着都会潮范女性形象的潮牌,为他们提供无年龄差别的轻奢时尚着装选择,其DNA里流淌着波普因子,演绎精品化、潮流女性化、个性化、质感、周末轻奢的潮牌风格。!F YOU DARE 作为品牌标语,强调是要你敢,你自信,就势必先锋。体现波普的精神本质及!F时尚哲学。!FBYEVA (Ihua Weekend) It represents the tide brand of the women's image of the city, providing them with a choice of luxury fashion dresses without age difference. The DNA is populated with pop elements, which are refined, feminine, personalized, texture, and weekend luxury. Tide brand style. !F YOU DARE As the brand slogan, it is emphasized that you must dare, if you are confident, you will be a pioneer. Reflecting the spiritual essence of Pop and F. Fashion philosophy.