Particle Fever(粒子狂热)

作为国内第一个设计师高端运动品牌 , Particle Fever ( 粒子狂热 ) 正在用一种非常规的实验态度设计每一件运动穿着 , 打破了固化的运动穿着设计 , 在工艺、审美、功能 , 甚至价值观上走得更前卫。PF 对创造力有更高的要求 , 避免盲从的大众潮流 , 拒绝无意义的标签 , 从艺术、科技和文化的 多元视角自由实践一切和运动穿着有关的先锋计划。

Particle Fever(粒子狂热)was founded in October, 2015. It is a young and fast-growing startup. As the first independent designer sportswear label in China, PF is taking an eccentric approach to sportswear, breaking through the traditional design of sportswear in an avant-garde way. Due to its pioneering projects in advanced fiber and sewing technology, arts, installations, and community management, PF has millions of followers on social media. A higher creativity is required. PF is one of few brands who not only owns patents in products, but also owns an in-house visual arts crew and an installation design center. Avoid the mainstream, it is natural for Particle Fever to experiment all kinds of crossover projects related to sports with multiple insights of internet, arts, space and culture.