WHATEVER EYEWEAR 是由中国配饰设计师Eric Wang推出的时装眼镜品牌,由川久保玲品牌80年代的时装总裁Florence Deschamps设计监制。2016年成立至今,一年两季在巴黎时装周发布最新系列。


发掘缔造了众多知名设计师的Florence有着敏锐的时尚嗅觉,与配饰设计师Eric Wang的邂逅,激发了她对时装眼镜的创意巧思,幼时母亲一副镶嵌珠宝的墨镜给了Florence灵感,她试图大胆的将首饰与墨镜相结合,用华丽的设计将现代女性的柔美与个性一并赋予配饰墨镜。


Florence坚持让WHATEVER EYEWEAR的作品只在世界一流的买手店限量销售,旨在将品牌打造成独特及唯一的代名词。



About Us

WHATEVER EYEWEAR is an eyewear brand established by a Chinese fashion accessories designer Eric Wang. 


WHATEVER EYEWEAR promote frame shapes with feminine touch, meeting the wearing demands of both western and Asian customers’ facial structures. 


Eric Wang believes that a good pair of sunglasses should be charming as a pice of ornamental accessory and also suitable for everyday wearing at the same time. Therefore, the design pieces from Eric’s collection could blend into your everyday-look also as a fashion component.