Stitching Sole 

Stitching Sole 创立于2015年,藉由手缝皮鞋制底将精湛的工艺透过一针一线赋予原创设计手缝皮鞋灵魂,这是快速时尚工业化生产的产品所无法取代的。 一双 Stitching Sole 的手缝皮鞋,大约需要花费 40 小时,这也是手缝皮鞋被视为最顶级工艺的原因。 创立 Stitching Sole 的初衷,希望将台南优秀的手缝制鞋工艺结合当代鞋款设计,传承传统制鞋技术,Stitching Sole 也是台湾自创男鞋品牌中唯一提供量脚订制服务的品牌。

Stitching Sole, established in 2015, an indication of first-rate hand stitched shoes, carries the mission to pass down the exquisite craftsmanship of shoemaking in Taiwan. The core value of Stitching Sole is the combination of modern shoe design and exquisite craftsmanship. In Stitching Sole, shoemakers with more than ten years of experience spends approximately 40 hours to make a pair of hand-sewn leather shoes. Making a pair of hand sewn leather shoes requires many technical skills and takes a great deal of time, which is why hand sewn shoes are often regarded as works with refined and first-rate handicraft.