ARISSA X由时尚/美容企业家Arissa Cheo(石贞善)于2016年成立。 每个系列讲述一个故

事,其灵感来自于梦境引发的感觉; 一首歌,一片诗,一张脸庞,须臾一瞬或某个地方 - 同

时保持对摇滚心灵的无所畏惧。  时尚而耐磨的单品,在拼凑或重新诠释时提供独特的优

势,以及品牌珠宝构成了我们的独特旅程。 每件衣服或配饰,我们都希望分享ARISSA X的


ARISSA X was established in 2016 by fashion/beauty entrepreneur Arissa Cheo. Each collection tells a story that is inspired by a feeling– evoked by a dreamscape; a song, poem, face, time or place– all while keeping true to the insouciance of the rock n’ roll psyche. Stylish yet wearable separates that provide a distinctive edge when put together or reinterpreted and statement jewelry make up our tours de force. With every piece of garment or accessory, we hope to share ARISSA X’s heart & spirit in which we believe that fashion is a form of individualistic expression, should always be kept fun, effortless and true to oneself.