设计师CINDY SOONG创建的同名独立设计师品牌于2012年CINDYSOONG成立于上海。设计师拥有多年的海外留学工作背景,国际化的品位与东方审美完美融合,其强烈的独立设计风格主打廓形与结构的多元组合,展现女性的刚性与独立之美。品牌注重艺术化与商业的结合,倾听消费者对时尚潮流的理解,再通过设计师对当季时尚的见解,打造出潮流又不失品牌基因的应季时装。品牌致力于成为新时代的高端独立风格的行业标杆。为更好适应市场需求与表达设计师更多元的设计理念,品牌于2014年推出更活泼跃动的年轻线Chew Chew by Cindy Soong及男装线SOONG Homme,两条副线的推出更是吸引一大批目光,成为买手们的瞩目焦点。新颖的商业副线在市场上得到的迅速肯定,联同CINDYSOONG couture高级定制线在市场上的成功,品牌团队不断扩张并致力成为一个全面发展的属于CINDYSOONG的时装王国。

CINDY SOONG Fashion design studio was founded in 2012 along with the establishing of the company, known for its strong aesthetics of mixing various materials and different constructional structures in shape, emphasizing the toughness and spiritual freedom in women. Instead of emphasizing on feminine and tenuous features, the brand's design aesthetics focus more on women's diligence, self-consciousness and independence. As a combination of modern art and business, the brand generates several lines of various collections to suit the demanding market.