创立自2009年台湾台北,从早期城市街头转进都会户外的概念服饰设计,至今以更完整、细腻且洗炼的开发能力,为穿梭不同都市城镇的现代旅人、漫游行者,提供多元的贴身工艺性制作,让沿途不同经纬区域所遇上的节气状况,仍能保有其:「轻机能  便旅型 | TRIP EASY, FUNCTION BEAUTY」的品牌本质,包括轻快舒爽的肤触考虑、活动便利的版型剪裁,到行色装载的空间收纳,具体为当代男装型塑出兼备日常生活品味,以及机能美学法则的风格实践。

Founded in 2009, Taipei, Taiwan, wisdom® evolves from urban street to urban outdoor styles in its apparel design. With sophisticated and advanced development capabilities, we offer a wide range of designs for modern travelers that shuttle in different metropolises and weathers. We are committed to TRIP EASY, FUNCTION BEAUTY quality to include lightweight and comfortable fabrics, functional and convenient cuttings, as well as appropriate and suitable storage, to ensure stylish and functional contemporary menswear.