于2009年创立的NU collection,以纯粹、温馨、精致的的法式优雅风格受到了市场的青睐。“如母爱般的温柔纯净的呵护及陪伴”设计师以丰富的高级时装设计经验及审美高度,缔造出Nu collection这个有温度、有母爱的亲子品牌。怀揣着为宝宝们带去一生挚爱的初心,将美好 、温馨、精致、舒适融入到Nu collection之中,执着绽放宝宝纯粹童心的信念,陪伴Ta们无忧成长。

Yang kun founded the NU collection in 2009. With pure, warm, exquisite French elegant style is favored by the market. "The tender and pure care and companionship of motherly love". With rich experience in high fashion design and aesthetic height, She created NU, a parent-child brand with temperature and maternal love. With the love of life for the babies, we will integrate the beautiful, warm, delicate and comfortable into the Nu collection, and stick to the belief that the baby is pure and childlike, and accompany them to grow without worry.