My Wants 由著名华裔设计师Melissa Guan领衔其设计团队精心创作。My Wants诞生于法国,品牌设计灵感来源于Melissa Guan在“伦敦圣马丁学院”留学期间的一次艺术创作。同时作为欧洲油画的爱好者,Melissa的鞋子中大量融入油画元素,可以说每一件My Wants的产品都是一件艺术品。

My Wants, designed and founded by the famous French-Chinese shoes designer Melissa Guan. My Wants originated from the romantic country France.The inspiration of My Wants comes from an artistic creation by Melissa Guan when she studied in St. Martin’s College London. Meanwhile, as a lover of European painting, Melissa’s shoes are heavily integrated into the elements of painting, so it can be said that each product from My Wants is an art work.