CANTINA by A Tentative Atelier

“Cantina” 在意大利文的意思是地窖、小酒馆和酒窖。 因而跟我们新的支线设计方向非常吻合- 颜色的联想和穿著风格使人们感受到可日常穿著和持续长久的感觉。 Cantina By 是全新的支线,是与在巴黎发布的主线分离后的第一季系列。 这是一个以针织布为主的休闲服装系列,该系列提取主线的精髓,衍变成纯粹表达线条的简洁风格。 每一季从主线里提取适合的设计元素并保持与主线相同的细节,因应风格而进行调整,创造出一个中性永恒的外观,艺术风格共存的服装。 于系列中的线条比例和运用布料织物的特性,而使然反映出灵活和舒适性,进一步扩展了ATENTATIVEATELIER 的美学。 面料主要来自日本,与中国丝绸、亚麻和意大利亚麻混纺。

“Cantina” is an Italian word, which is meant the basement for the storage, winery place and casual bar. It is prefect matched for the new line’s direction- the colour inspiration and wears style that it implied the clothes can be worn as daily wears and long-lasting. Cantina By is a new causal wears collection; it is the first season to be presented in the Shanghai fashion week, which is separated from main line. The collection extracts the spirit of main line and evolves into pure, graphic cleanness, which keep the same details from main line and tune it in a causal style. Creating a unisex, timeless look that is defining the coexistent generation for both masculine and feminine wardrobes with artistic style. The collection’s proportions are interpreted into fabrics that reflect flexibility and comfort, spreading even furthers the esthetic of A TENTATIVE ATELIER. Fabrics is mainly used from Japan and mixed with Chinese silk, linen and Italian linen.