PELLE MORBIDA 为来自东京的包袋品牌,以“旅行的理想形式”为概念,设计出一系列适合成熟男、女的时尚包袋。严选的材质、精湛的制作工艺和经得起推敲的细部设计,使 PELLE MORBIDA 成为都市追求品质人群的首选。

PELLE MORBIDA  is for people who enjoy voyages, the ideal way of travel. It is for the mature people who want quality of life. The high quality products suitable for confortable and elegant voyages are made of carefully selected material and they are made by hand with care for details. People love using the bags can be used for long time. Its beautiful and minimalistic design does not follow fads and trends, it keep balance between contemporary feel and classical feeling, resulting in global standard. The bags have high standard of durability and functionality. Please enjoy subtle elegance of the brand.