来自东京的女包品牌Hashibami,有丰富的皮具制作经验,设计上采用特别的颜色、尺寸和细节为现代都市女生创造可以每天使用的时尚包袋,在日本UNITED ARROWS,BEAMS等买手店均有售卖,受到众多喜欢时尚的日本女性消费者欢迎。

Hashibami established in Tokyo, has rich experience of making leather bags. Special colors, size and details are design points of the brand. Hashibami aim to make fashionable bags for city girls’s r daily use. In Japan, Hashibami bags are carried by famous multi brands shops such as UNITED ARROWS,BEAMS,the brand is getting more and more popular among fashionable girls in Japan.