CLAUSTRUM 2004年成立于东京银座,创办人远藤健史出身传统制造世家,从日本千叶大学工业设计系毕业后成立品牌CLAUSTRUM,手做钢、不锈钢、铁iPhone case、名片夹、文具等系列在东京、巴黎、柏林等地众多的知名买手店均有售卖,并与多个著名服装品牌联名推出单品。

Established in Ginza Tokyo in 2004, designer 远藤健史 was born  from a family which has manifcture tradition.  After graduate from Chiba university design subject,远藤健史 started his own hand made steel brand “CLAUSTRUM”,design and produce iPhone case, stationary, business card holder, carried by famous mutibrands stores in Tokyo, Paris and Berlin. CLAUSTRUM also has done many claberation work with fashion brands.