JAREL ZHANG Studio“独立者”设计精神推崇者;15年, JARELZHANG回沪创立JAREL ZHANG STUDIO,探索时装与人 精神的契合关系,品牌秉持"创者独立,衣者独立",愿景 设计不受外因而干扰初心,愿景受众群体追求特立独行的精神境界。

17SS is inspired by the life state in society; there are many uncontrollable people or things in society binding us, but we are holding on forever under the huge negative energy. With soul imprisoned and compromised, we have buried true self behind the mask of hypocrisy in life; we inside desire to break and crush the cage imprisoning us, so we throw away scruples and worldly prejudice against emerging things while struggling, resisting and screaming; the works describe the society filled with the suppressed state which binds the true self of us, and encourage people to throw away the secular perspective, break cold rules and spirit cages, to pursue the independent spirit.