此物 品牌秉承万物源於此,匠心本自然。从设计中重新挖掘回归自我内心之路。设计上松弛有度,留有空白,空隙使人身心自由没有束缚,这些空隙与留白近似于“真空妙有”在空旷中得到满足,这种“留白”情结更属于那些拥有生活经历可以感知生命深层东西的人。注重心境,顺着心灵与自然的不规则流动不去刻意设计,无需繁华,寻求本源,在不完美中发现美,用更少做更多,简单而快乐,希望能够放慢脚步活在当下。

Shift the road of returning to self  from design. Leave blank in design  work.  Interspace makes people freedom of body and mind. These space and blank-leaving Akin to the "Vacuum is wonderful". To be satisfied in the void. This "blank-leaving" emotion belongs to those who have more life experiences can sense the deep things of life.Pay attention to the mood, irregular flow down the mind and nature not to deliberately design.Need not prosperous, seeking source, find beauty in the imperfect.Do more with less, simple and happy.Hope to be able to slow down and live in the moment