SHEN YUAN XI 在严格的生产过程中,注意每一个细节,一心一意地不只是裁剪出一件衣服,而是一种舒适的生活方式,使衣服与自然织物浑然天成,宁静简约,时尚执着。

In 90s, Taiwan garment industry young outstanding representative, since the show of clothing talent, a record memory access, she was 4 years old when he picked up the grandmother's hand needles and scissors, improved their dance skirt; love the clothes, became her power and career to go to fashion obsession with perfection, her achievements in Taiwan, Japanese fashion designer reputation. A person's talent in the performance of her life, the pursuit of perfection, comfortable and natural, relentless pursuit of their dreams.Brand culture: In the strict production process, attention to every detail, undivided attention not just cut out the clothes but a comfortable lifestyle, make clothing is not stiff with a natural fabric, Tranquility: simplicity, fashion and persistence, The attitude of the face of the life of clothing works, seeking truth and perfection!