Mrktstore 创立于2010年,创始人Tom Pen是一名毕业于哈佛的建筑师。为了突破包包和饰品的设计界限,M.R.K.T.在保留产品基本的实用功能下,以极简的几何结构和纯粹的建筑理念为灵感而设计,使得每一个产品都拥有高度的品牌辨识度与个性。

M.R.K.T. was started in 2010 by Harvard trained architect Tom Pen as he set out to challenge conventional fashion trends by creating bags and accessories inspired by architectural concepts of clean and pure form. Structure, function, and geometry are the guides in every M.R.K.T. bag created, very similar to how an architect would design a building and executed with definition and character.