GE SI TONG品牌创立于2014年,设计师一直追寻随意的生活,不带刻意,沉浸在最简单的单纯的思想里,热爱服装设计,也喜爱生活上的点点小创意,一心要了解服装了解生活的含义,后游走世界各地艺术之都,享受欧洲小镇生活的写意舒适,对生活和创意深有体验,任何设计都来自生活上的点点滴滴,不造作,回归原始,怀旧自然。

GE SI TONG graduated from the guangzhou academy of fine arts, has been pursuing life at random, without deliberate, immersed in the most simple pure mind, love fashion design, love life of small ideas,He was determined to understand the clothing understand the meaning of life, in 2010 began to go abroad for trip, travel around the world of art, enjoy the European town life enjoyable and comfortable, to the life and ideas have experience greatly,Any design from dribs and drabs in life, not artificial, return to the original, retro nature;After returning to China in 2014, was founded in guangzhou GESITONG designer brands. In 2015, joining designer living museum collection store.