Abraham K Hangul

Abraham K Hangul 是一个梦想能够拥有全球性影响力的牛仔品牌,品牌通过使用亲环境材料和制造方式来制作产品,谋求自然与人类共存的美好愿景。并与拥有专业生态衰老疗法(ECO-AGEING TREATMENT)能力的制造企业结合, 使Abraham K Hangul 向成为亲环境企业的理念更加迈进。

ABRAHAM K HANGUL shows you human’s hidden identities through the hyperrealism and modernism based in new generation denim collection. The brand believe that, all human being have more than 2 identities in their body. And we are very interested about chaos between original identity and subconscious identities. Pull out human’s 2nd, 3rd or other additional identities from their body and express it through by new way modern denim collection with color contracts between Black and White.