JKJY by STELLA 的品牌命名来源于全球十大制鞋集团Stella International Holdings Limited 的创办人, 拥有世 界最顶尖的制鞋工艺、时尚资源与专业团队。同时, 作为国际时尚精品集团的重要合作伙伴,Stella International 对提升全球时尚产业具有不可磨灭的贡献。于2006 年成功打造中国最具时尚影响力品牌之一的精品女鞋STELLALUNA, 在业界和市场上独领风骚至今。

JKJY by STELLA is named after the founder of one of the top ten shoe makers - Stella International Holdings Limited. Stephen Chi, its Creative Director, believes that the “Art of Being a Gentleman” will lead a new round of fashion movement, with an increasingly stronger desire for boutique men’s shoe wear both elegant in style and exquisite in technique among the gentlemen group. JKJY by STELLA will end an era where men were regarded as the second-class citizens in fashion. Men’s accessories will become an indispensable part for the fashion goers.