Roy Wang (王艳辉),70年代生人,大学主修法律,由于对时装的热爱,毕业后选择从事买手行业,致力于将国外先锋设计品牌引进中国,继而选择经营先锋品牌买手店LOCUS至今,并于2012年在杭州成立设计师工作室“轨迹”,主攻先锋设计风格,旨在创立中国首个本土先锋设计品牌。

Roystudio is the best showcase of the cutting-edge design in China, using the most exquisite fabrics, processes, silhouette, texture and detailing. The brand has no interest in the so-called fast fashion. It commits to offering timeless fashion that can be passed on to future generations. Hopefully by then these pieces created by the brand still look unique and stylish. Nothing will be cooler than this!