Duke St.

Duke St.男袜标志基础线强调实用搭配,其中独特的对扣设计获专利保护,作为视觉质感点缀的同时,解决了卷与不卷这个超日常的收纳两难命题。另外,所有Duke St.男袜均坚持选用优质棉纱手工缝头,在直角Y根的基础上头跟部银纤维衬纬,是男士为数不多的配件中的品质之选。

Duke St. iconic basic collection men's socks emphasize on practical functions. The patented paring buckles design not only adds unique visual embellishment, but also solves the storage dilemma of winding up socks or not. In addition, all Duke St. socks seams are hand-sewn with high quality cotton yarn, adding a weft lining at the toe and heel in addition to the traditional Y shaped margin. It is definitely a quality choice for the limited items of men’s accessories.