Agaric Garden

Agaric Garden 品牌由两位台湾设计师所创立,致力于多媒体材几何造型变化,并以神秘学的概念融合。在系列作品中可见天文星体、自然界、能量的概念表达。简练的黄铜金属几何勾勒,搭配矿石珍珠等天然质材,幻化出各种极简前卫或充满未来感的风格,传递着每个佩戴者的宣言:饰品不再是浮于皮肤上的装饰,而像是穿戴了一件真正的艺术品。

Founded by two Taiwanese designers, the brand is committed to geometric modeling of multimedia materials combined with mystic concepts. Throughout its collections we can find conceptualized expression of astrology, nature and energy, using simple geometric brass outlining and natural materials such as stones and pearls, to create a minimalist, avant-garde and futuristic style. These are statement of each individual wearer: transforming the accessory of an attachment to the skin into a real piece of art.