气质,是一种需要从小培养的独立精神、优雅品味和高尚的精英生活方式。她需要一个有氛围的环境和良好的家族审美传承。 Noelle亲子的时装语言是以一种开心、有趣、俏皮的态度,同时不失品质的轻奢格调玩转时尚。她以一种全新的视角诠释“可爱女人、成熟女孩、俏皮女儿”的理念, 不论是白色的上衣、红色的短裙,还是闪光质感的连衣裙,一切都在颠覆着“传统”的亲子服装理念,给大家一种耳目一新的感觉。

The parent-child fashion brand Noelle plays with light luxury style under a happy, funny and playful attitude with superior quality. With a new perspective of “lovely ladies, grown-up girls and cute daughters”, the brand reinterprets the parent-child relationship. Whether it is a white shirt, a red skirt, or a flashy dress, everything here is revolutionary to the “traditional” idea of parent-child fashion, giving out a completely refreshing feel.