Decoster-Men是在Decoster设计平台中创立的新的男装品牌。品牌致力于将复古元素融入新式优雅,用幽默态度诠释趣味着装。Decoster-Men SS16系列继续秉持复古的情怀,在强调“瞬间扑捉·凝固时间”的基础上糅合异域的宗教元素。并借助单纯质朴的手法,复古的色彩点缀,剪裁和对细节的设计,将新式工装的这种拙朴和对手感的需求内化到日常生活中。

Decoster-Men is the newly created menswear brand on the Decoster designer platform. The brand strives to blend retro elements into contemporary elegance, adding a playful touch to dressing fun. Persisting on the retro sentiment, the Decoster-Men SS16 collection blends exotic religious elements based on the “Capturing Moment, Freezing Time” theme. The collection uses simple and rustic designs, retro color embellishment, sophisticated tailoring and detailing, to create a new style reminiscent of working uniforms into daily life.