BAN XIAOXUE包含女装和男装两条线路,弱化性别概念的同时又寻找彼此之间的微妙关系。在自然的信仰下,品牌坚持以独特的艺文风格为导向,服装因以简素、纯粹、自由等特点被誉为流动的诗意。产品提倡天然、环保的健康理念,始终把人放在第一位,注重材质和特种工艺的研发和突破,版形结构多采用立体裁剪的方式,通过对衣服结构和内空间的塑造,追求人衣合一的理想境界。

BANXIAOXUE includes two product lines for women and men separately. While weakening the concept of gender differences, she also elaborates on the subtle relationship between them. In firm faith of nature, the brand upholds its unique artistic style of simplicity, purity and freedom, which is hailed as the flowing poetry. With emphasis on naturalism and environmental protection, the brand always put people in the first place, paying attention to the development and advancement in materials and processing. The contour of its garments are established through three-dimensional tailoring, so as to shape the perfect structure and interior space for ultimate harmony between the garment and wearer.