Flat 7 Jewellery

Flat 7 Jewellery 于2014年在台北设立,品牌追求不规则的细节并致力于手工制作过程中原始纹理的保留。Flat 7 Jewellery 设计团队倾心于不对称与粗犷的质感,融合天然宝石的创作。主要采用材质包含银、金、钻石、宝石等。并将传统金工技法融入创新技巧并发展为独特风格。

Founded in Taipei in 2014, Flat 7 Jewellery pursues an irregular finish by preserving and highlighting the rough textures created during the handcrafting process. The jewellery brand is enamored by the juxtaposition of asymmetrical and wild textures with precious gemstones. The brand uses common materials including silver, gold, diamonds, and other precious gemstones to create unique pieces based on traditional craftsmanship coupled with innovative modern approaches.