Andy Yueng

ANDY YUENG曾担任多家男装品牌设计总监。2011年创立吉文风尚服装设计工作室,并于2015年创立同名男装设计师品牌。ANDY YUENG游走于轻奢侈与暗黑风格边缘,是具有反叛精神的设计师品牌。其重视面料的质感与穿着的舒适性,尝试不同材质之间的混搭效果。

Andy Yueng has worked as design director for various established menswear brands. In 2011, he founded his own fashion design company, JWFS Studio, and launched his namesake menswear designer brand in 2015. ANDY YUENG’s products are rebellious in that it mingles around light luxury and dark style. With an emphasis on fabric texture and comfort, he is experimental in blending different materials to create practical yet structurally innovative blend for those who are discerning about quality of life and fashion.